Dead Ends EP

by GreyMarket

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released June 28, 2017

Cave McCoy, Michael Gargiulo


all rights reserved



GreyMarket Tampa, Florida

GreyMarket is a rock band hailing from Tampa, Florida.


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Track Name: Lightning Rod
Drained again I feel
My feet are planted in the real
If I could find a charge
I'd blow apart

I'm looking for a power source
A little bit of life support
Some fuel for my generator
Somebody open up this short
And let it flow

Hit me with your best shot
Hit me like a lightning rod
'Cause I'm dying
I'm dying for all your energy
Give it up
Give it up to me

Parts you cannot see
A cyclotron inside of me
Are trying to take the lead
And shifting my polarity
Track Name: Got It Wrong
One boy
One girl
Crisis assured

Got hope
Got chance
So this is romance

I'm not trying to break a careful heart
I play my part
Just trying to figure out the role
Get control
Stop worrying half a lifetime on
I got it wrong

One boy
One girl
Rumors will swirl

Hey, what did you say?
Is that the case?
Let's spread it all over the place

Did you figure out what to say
Get that order just right or pay
'Cause you're crippled and tryin' to dance
Playin' critical games of chance
Hot thought running out of head
Better get your brain double checked
You're just kidding yourself
Getting yourself started up
Have a good time
Make it rough 'til you've had enough

I've had enough

Watch, boy, who you abuse
Shake and confuse
Be set in what you choose

Girl it's also on you
You're not immune
We can't afford to lose
Track Name: Ennui
Been hiding out so long
It feels like
Real life's gone

Just shadows on the wall
How allegorical

You know that you're killing me
Everything I could be
Gets lost
Just dust
Blown away
Loosen your grip on me
I'm tired
Of boredom and apathy

Our lives of borrowed time
Been thieving
Stealing mine

Oh, every thought that's on my mind
Has turned inside

Oh, my

Time fades away
Even now
I just wait
Idle hands
Saving face
Grains of sand
Gone to waste
Deep inside
Bathed in fear
Are we all
Dying here?
Track Name: Stops My Heart
Steel your nerves again
Hold on 'cause the headline's rolling in

So much for the day
Can a brother or sister catch a break?

Always this
Gotta wonder if a bullet can ever miss
Must be us
No God would ever call this just
This just

Stops my heart
It stops my heart

Careful who you break
Nobody's ever truly safe

Here today and gone
One coda in an ever playing song

Always this
Gotta wonder if we've ever made progress
Must be us
Nobody else could call this just
This just

Are you ashamed
How we behave?
Young blood
Bleeding through the writing on the page
Turn away
Track Name: Loving in Seasons
Can't get enough
Don't matter if it's real
I feel it

The threat of a
Unnerves me

All of my friends are living on stages
All of their words scripted on pages
It's outrageous question my reason
I get my loving in seasons

This episode
Better not end
I need that writer's pen

Oh oh oh where's this story going
I need to know it
Oh oh Never miss a show
I love it so

Is this the finale?
Please don't tell me

All of my friends are living on stages
All of their words scripted on pages
It's outrageous question my reason
I give my loving in seasons

I can't stop loving in seasons
Track Name: Your Stars My Guide
So many years at sea
The mast my freedom

And mountains on the move
Swallow you down

Better get your salt
Iron out your faults
Give it all you got now

I've seen a thousand scary things
Shadows in the night that you wouldn't believe
Extended far beyond my means
Nothing ever stopped me

This world is wide
And cold

But your stars my guide
I'm coming home

A journey to an end
Anew, begin

Nothing is secure
Nothing stays for sure
Nothing is inert ever

You are the way home

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