The Echo Relay

by GreyMarket

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dotdotok Absolute Chads, love the storyline feel of this album, flows real smooth with some absolute BANGERS Favorite track: Semi-Automatic.
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Orbiture 02:34
The Academy 03:40
When I was young I'd stare at the sky and wonder Who I was And you always loved The sound of approaching thunder Coming close Everybody said if you keep this up Your dreams will shut The real world out What kind of life Would that be? Guess I'll see Bid farewell to me I'm joining the academy It's nothing like what you say It's bettering humanity Don't point those big doe eyes at me It's not my choice, I have to leave And it's not that I don't feel for you It's just I feel for everyone else too Yes I do Bid farewell to me I'm joining the Academy It's nothing like what you say It's bettering humanity I can hear the words that you're saying If there's something that you're getting Come out and say it People in the universe cold and suffering I can't just sit around doing nothing Nothing is what happens here, nothing ever I'm a good man but I could be better Make a little difference in this order Try and make the whole thing a little less Flawed
Thought that I Knew exactly how to fly Thought I had The Academy in the bag 'Been humbled And impeded Stumble and I fall Humbled, not defeated Ready as I'll never be Hot shot you thought you were In your field of corn No pilot here, sonny boy A soldier is born
Hey private Don't look directly at it She'll make sure Your retina don't forget it I'm sorry, sir Sorry, I can't help it She glows Her fire Enfolds
Got the plan Got my orders down Got my gun Got my boots on the ground Where's the love? Where's the sense of loss? Aren't the brass Comprehending the cost? This ain't what We all hand in mind This ain't part of Anything that we signed Where's the stars? Where's the white and black? All I see is Dirt and forward attack Grind it down Grind your target down Not a care For the body count This is war This is what you're for Onward, lads 'Til there's nothing more Hold me down Call me coward, I've Had enough Semi-automatic So long Been so locked and loaded So long One more round Onwards Kill 'em all Let God sort 'em out
'Til Your Transport Breaks Down I'll keep this short Won't waste your time Just need to know That you're alive I'll keep the details To myself But even if you're stars away With nothing that you care to relay I'll be there the day your transport Breaks down I know we are far apart and I could never reach your heart but I'll be there the day your transport Breaks down So many years have passed us by I'm nothing you could recognize You wouldn't care for details So I won't try <transmission failure> I've seen the hellfire Burn through ships on the finest battle line How many more will? I've seen enough good Captains go down well before their time How many more will? Black seasons I spent Watching all my crewmen die Not one more life
Heave Ho 06:01
Heave ho Baring my soul Giving it up for the ones In control Held tight Biding my time Working to pay for the depth Of my crime What crime? Who says I should live in a cell? Who says I should live in this hell? Who says I should live or die? What makes better men than I? Not sitting on your pearly throne Throwing away every life but your own Let out 17 hours Loose in the kitsch Of a world that burned down It burned down Scavenging luxuries For the ruling elites Does it help them feed their tastes? Will it make them feel again? Thought I was mine But I can't get you Out of my mind If I ever escape From the place Then I promise I'll see you again
Prison Break 05:04
Damned, my heart Damned, my ways I was caught Turned a slave I had the empathy For seeing things unclear I couldn't just be subject to the fear But insubordination costs you dearly I'm the man you put away Never thought you'd see the day I would come to call on you again Played your proxy pushing pawns Put your brains behind the brawn Led a war with you behind the reins Thought I was your prisoner Far as I could be from Earth Something you could use and throw away This is not a miracle Try to stay empirical This is how the game is played Tripped alarms So much for good luck charms Now we run This is my break from holding Returning freedom stolen God help the soul who blocks my way
A Fine Mess 03:28
A Fine Mess No way out of here that I can see Let me go No way to escape from Oalum It's a fine mess that you've Gotten us into I've had enough Forget about a rescue Claim the body bags Why'd I ever let you choose the plan? It's a fine mess that you've (clean it up) Gotten us into (come clean it up) I've had enough No time for bleeding We're taking a beating I let an outsider lead us Believed in her secrets To save a good man, an old friend Oh captain, my captain Out of the danger To the stranger I trusted her We trust in you
Assassin 04:42
Face to face The image of you fades And an assassin Lives in its place I eye you with jealousy in mind I should have listened To your ideas I should have known Long time ago You were right I should have cared Enough To hear what you thought I should have broken out Not been trapped Too blind to see that way They're coming They're coming They've heard They know What I've done Who I've hurt They see Inside My soul And I I know They're right I gotta swing for it Face to face The image of you fades And an assassin Lives in its place My heart Feels we never should have parted I promise Never again
You say love Love is respect for the law Knowing just where you stand Inside the chain of command How you live with the shame Defies comprehension Promise you that you've claimed Your last murder victim Oh so sure you'll escape But not understanding All that blood in your wake Won't wash away You pretend Means justify in the end You will break what don't bend Do it again and again
Drinkaway 03:11
Woke up a daze and broken Sick to my gut Drank it, injected, smoked it Wasn't enough Promises worth their weight in gold Melted away for scrap and sold Bartender pour another Strong as you have Something to drown a lover Out of my past Promises worth their weight in gold Melted away for scrap and sold It tore me apart to watch you burn With everything we fought a yearned for Try as I may to drink away Everything just stays in place


Cave McCoy, Michael Gargiulo


released September 2, 2016


all rights reserved



GreyMarket Tampa, Florida

GreyMarket is a rock band hailing from Tampa, Florida.

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