The Stress Kills

by GreyMarket

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Minutiae 03:21
Fine two-car garage It pairs up with your watch and couch and wife and life and dog Got it together Ladders for us all Better hope the rungs don't break no one can take the fall No one at all Your job says nothing about you Your friends say everything about you Your credit card bills say you're Lost in the minutiae Like life's little joke Try this on for size Do I have the things I own or do those things have I? My mind's gone This is gonna kill ya
A decade spent with a foot in mouth I guess that I can stop it now Can't figure out How I got it wedged so far down How did everything go so south? Tied in a new knot Tighten the noose up Tied in a new knot Hold fast Don't it slip til my heart beats back Shut it down like a defeated club We'll get it right in the overdub So over love Tied in a new knot Tighten the noose up Tied in a new knot Hold fast Maybe you'll bring me my heartbeat back Baby you're bringing my heartbeat back
Airplane 03:52
Nobody understood us trying It's all for naught This albatross'll never fly It's sabotaged All of the crew Gone out the door Who can pilot this airplane? Looking to you Final resort Can you pilot this airplane Take the controls Throttle to full You can pilot this airplane I hope you've got your parachute packed 'Cause you're gonna need one You're face to face with an undone situation
Lunacy 04:16
Am I ever had in mind? Think I might be losing mine. All my fault Trapped and caught Got a padlocked heart Missing parts Add up All the breakup To a breakdown Made to feed my lunacy Think I might have lost the plot Maybe it was always just an inkblot Round and around and around and around we go Round and around and 'cause we just don't know Round and around everybody says let it go I can't let it go Tie me to the ceiling Take a crack at my insides Add up All the breakup With the breakdowns And you'll see my lunacy
Reality 03:26
I'm bleeding heart romantic You're stoic and pedantic It's problematic We're even split depressive Your future's more impressive I wish I had it If I go Godspeed to oblivion Could I arrange another outcome? Reality Would it miss us? Can we just tell it To mind it's business? All that I ask for Is your touch Thought it was simple But I've asked too much Maybe I was dramatic Overly emphatic I just tried to appreciate what I had While I had it I know I jumped the gun It's my M.O. It's how I come If I go lightspeed to oblivion Could I arrange a new decision If I could close the miles between us Could we try To get it right? Forget about your plans Can't plan God damned reality
Words Cutting you deep Breaking you down Destroying your sleep Take what they say Throw it away Cover your heart And never be shamed Don't let it in Don't let it in No one can make You slave to your sins I know I heard the joke I couldn't laugh I thought I would choke Maybe you're struggling Buried in doubt Burning your feet With your head in the clouds Maybe we're clinical Broken and cynical Don't know the game But I'm sure that the winners will Somebody's stripping my wires inside Peel back the circuits We'll find out it's I Never let Your dying set Your living then We'll all run riot again Don't let it in Don't let it in Tables will turn And dealers will flinch Why did no one tell me How to break the spell Burning karma On my way to hell The horror Don't wait for clues Don't look for signs Don't live in fear Of wasting your time Don't let it in Don't let it in Don't let it end Before it begins Don't lose your nerve Steady the course Troubles will come And they'll come in force
Looks like my smokescreen is working too well Lost my meaning but no one can tell Too much faith in my capabilities You've misplaced the trust I can't do enough I'm warning you Looks like my compass ain't working too well Lost my bearing but no one can tell Someone should have told me long ago There's a time when your mind goes And it's alright Just find the light To follow you down
No fairy tale I promise you miss piggy tail The beast is real You've gotta know I've been thinking differently The beast in me is free Run, you hide I'll break inside You'd best get right Been thrown to the wolf tonight You're gonna see Pure, unfiltered desire The beast is gonna breathe fire Hey, you sinners It's that time of night Time to let yourselves run wild No animal control in sight Run, you hide I'll break inside No lock so strong To keep you holding on Straw or steel You're my next meal Your gut is right Been thrown to the wolf tonight
One minute to gather your life up One minute, gotta prepare I know you value your heartbeat I know you're gonna get square Admit it I know that you're frightened Admit it, you're running scared You're face to face with your nightmares That fear's the only thing keeping you here Hold on closely to the ones you love And count your blessings there are stars above The last light leaving better chill your blood When the sun goes down Welcome to the black out Got hope maybe you'll get through Got heart but you only got one Don't blink, it's all around you Don't sleep til the morning comes
Got stakes in you And you in me too The feelings mutual Your thoughts inside of me And I'm sure I've been inside you I know you understand everything All the feelings can't just stop Watch the turning page It almost was an always We get so tired Tired of asking What good am I for you? I know you understand everything All the feelings can't just end Watch the turning page It almost was an always
Malady 04:34
Whatever happened to me? I was oh so set in my settings I know, so sure of my surety Now I've gone weak at the knees I'm a fly, caught Drawn to the stick of her lips I can't quit Baby's ways are changing Men into mentalists How concerning burning the Man into manic and Pardon me Part of me's panicking My Lady Malady's making me crazy We always go crazy Oh, my Lady Malady She puts the love in me Struggling violently In a full blown spat of sexes Our own stone battlements Could this be love? Stoking my embers Igniting my temper It's love Built up my wall But it's made out of straw Baby you're making me a madman Could this be love? Could this be love? 'Cause I can't seem to get enough of it
Every hero flawed Robots with thoughts In minds the likes Of living gods Cultures on the rise How long until we all sublime? If it's a battle for our hearts, minds, and souls You'll be the martyr for the cause You already have control Fearsum endjinns grind Ergates has left No we're bereft Left behind Begging for the chance To be our own special circumstance Watch, now The ink in your pen is running out Just clock, tock, tick, tock, tick, stop Consider Phlebas as you stand Windward plans Nothing is taller, greater than The legacy of a man


released May 7, 2016


all rights reserved



GreyMarket Tampa, Florida

GreyMarket is a rock band hailing from Tampa, Florida.

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