Dauntless Redux

by GreyMarket

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The original 2007 Dauntless release is included with this album as a bonus.


released February 5, 2010

Art by Courtland Winslow

Drums: Michael Gargiulo
Guitar, Vocals, Programming: L. Cave McCoy
Engineered with Steve Connelly at Zen Recording
Mastered by Brian Lucey at Magic Garden Mastering

All songs written by L. Cave McCoy (ASCAP) © 2006


all rights reserved



GreyMarket Tampa, Florida

GreyMarket is a rock band hailing from Tampa, Florida.


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Track Name: Back In Time
OK, that's fine I understand
You can't rewind, you can't go back

But rules were made to be repealed
Remade to fit the way I feel

I feel
Replay this reel

Forget all that you own
And we'll take
Just the skin on our bones

And ride
Back in time
We can take this tape
And set it straight
Correct mistakes
And make it play back

OK, it may be harder than I thought
But then again is anything worth doing
Ever easy?

We'll slide
Back in time
We can take this tape
And set it straight
Correct mistakes
And make it play back
Like it should
I know you could
With one more try
We'll get it right
Track Name: Building On Mistakes
Let's lay a brick at a time
We'll build a wall
Who cares what it will divide?
We'll build it tall

One day all of the cracks
Will add up to collapse
Maybe then we can learn

But all we know is how to take a sin
And give it a new spin
And when the world comes caving in
Then we'll be singing

God, look what we made
We build it on mistakes
'Til something turns out right
Will something turn out right
If this is the wrong way?

Let's have a race to the stars
And right back down
Too busy aiming for scars
To break new ground

To everyone who claims
We're all the same
It's just the way we're made
Here's what I say

You're gonna get it now
So bent you have to break
Can't keep your twisted shape

Don't you dare close your eyes
You can pray all you like
But it won't change a thing singin'

God, look what we made
We built it on mistakes
'Til something goes our way
It turned out great
At least that's what we'll claim
This thing we made
We built it on mistakes
Track Name: Clandestiny
Step out of the night
Let's light up this red scare
In white

We've been down deep throats
For how many years I
Don't know

I will erode
Enigma code

'Til nothing's left of secrets kept
And there's no plan to intercept
When wiretaps all go to ground
I'll still be listening for your sound and

Nothing is up my sleeve
Nothing that you'd believe
I'll play no more spy games

God ain't gonna help
Any government gets in our way
God ain't gonna help
And government anyway

Someone's ten year plan
Is gonna get thwarted

Beauracrats keep cool
'Til somebody threatens
The rules

And we, we don't look
'Cause they're just crooks
We know they'll
Get their just deserts

'Cause they've been on
(Funny how it seems)
Our backs
(One slip)
so long
(Can ruin everything)
We won't cry
When they

I will erode
Your secret code

'Til nothings left of secrets kept
And there's no plan to intercept
When we were spies immersed in lies
I still knew you when I looked in your eyes
Track Name: Confusion
All dressed up
Got a place to go
Be a part of the show

Nice disguise
Who you tryin' to fool,
Them or you?

In all your confusion
Did you lose someone?

Every night is another chance
Masquerade and a dance

All in all do you feel success
In this mess?

Run for the door darling you're too late
You can't feel the flames 'til you're tied to the stake

Oh, come on sweetheart
It's not that bad
Hey, pull it together
Why don't you just
Throw a little glitter on it
And go dancing?

Spin it around 'til you're screwed in tight
Nobody's leaving alive tonight
Track Name: Domino
Late at night
On fumes you ride
Gun in hand
Revenge in mind
Gonna set it right

And double-dealt
The hardest loss
You've ever felt
Show 'em how it felt

They set you up
To watch you fall
They put your back
Against the wall

But this domino
They shouldn't have let go
No this domino they should

Out of luck
And out of friends
No more talk
And all lose ends
Tied up again

Now they'll ask
For compromise
You'll put it right
Between their eyes
Don't stop tonight

Shouldn't have let go
Shouldn't have let, never should let go
Track Name: Do You Ever?
Fine time for disaster
Fine time to lose
Who needs happy ever after?
Who needs dreams come true?

Raised on bad decisions
Born to make your own
You always make the first incision
Never seal the wound

Do you ever wake up screaming
In the middle of the night?
Do you think if you ignore it
Everything will be alright?

Cut, cut, cut your lover
See if they can bleed
If they don't you'll find another
Blood is what you need

Look at the world around you
Tell me you're not scared
Half of us are burning
And the other half don't care

Stop trying to hide
There's nothing left to hide behind
Stop trying to twist the life
From life

The whole world is alight
The whole world is alight tonight
If we get out alive
Sleep tight
Track Name: Early Morning Feeling
Woke up to find myself entwined with you
Forced myself out of bed and into view
Of everyone but you

Ants on the trail of pheremones we march
Nobody cares enough to lead the charge
They're missing out on

An early morning feeling
If your senses are still reeling
(Where's the point in sleep I dream of you)
It's from an early morning feeling

Grinding away we beat the daily task
Nobody cares enough to even ask

We're waiting for the falling sun
Until another morning comes around
So we can all remember

One day I swear I'll burn away
(Hey come on, wake up)
This place and come back home to stay
With you
Track Name: Fallout
Who were you then?
It's worth remembering
See if you can
Oh well, just a thought
That you cannot recall

There's blood on the bed
And sweat from everywhere
Somebody said
The party would be killer
And that's just what it was

You woke up fallout
Yeah you radiate catastrophe
You woke up fallout
You woke up fallout
And everything's just how it has to be
But don't let it be your last gasp

Days of the week
They blend together
Awake or asleep
Your nightmares they don't care
They come by dark or dawn

Everyone says
That hindsight's 20/20
Maybe you just need the future
To look more like the past

Calm, sedate
Only sad every day ain't a Saturday
To waste
You've given up the right to say
We didn't warn you

The walls, they spin
They're closing in
Don't feel alright
You're locked up tight

Don't feel like home
Don't feel like home
Don't feel like
This was a good idea
Track Name: It Won't Sleep
I tried to forget
To push it out
To kill regret

But somewhere inside
There's a thought
I'd rather hide

And now, it won't sleep
And with it me
It won't keep
Can't let it go
Let it be
It won't sleep

Some have said time will tell
Maybe I don't like the words I'm hearing
Maybe I've got thoughts of disappearing
Maybe it could work out this time

Some have said don't look for meaning
There's no meaning
But I don't care

Some have said "Don't look for answers
You'll just die a little tired"
Sorry if that's not the way I'm wired
Put me under someone's arrest

Some have said
I don't know where I'm going
Well they might be right
Track Name: Killjoy
The dark days they follow me
They cast a shadow down
Over everything

I find fault lines thick and thin
They're waiting eagerly
They want to pull me in

'Cause I'm a killjoy
Burned all of my friends
Yeah I'm a killjoy
And I'll be to the end

But in my dreams
I can see the sunshine
And just be happy
But then I wake up cold

On black ice I'm traveling
I make a single move
And take a battering

The world moves in hurricanes
All around

But I wish that I could
Fall into your arms
And make believe
That I was dreaming

'Cause it's killing the life in me
Leaving me atrophied
All alone in this place
All alone in a cage
That I made on my own

You're so pretty when you're angry
It's the only thing you can be
If I could I'd make you ugly
Be a bastard 'til you loved me
Track Name: Mayday
Days into years
And your life disappears
Better thread it tightly
Better tread it lightly

Gone are the times
You could do no crimes
Better grow up quickly
Better get more tricky

Better learn how to strangle your soul
For you lose every ounce of control

Scream and you shout
And you drown in your doubt
Better get your bearings
'Cause there's no one caring

Armed to the teeth
Everybody you meet
Keep your paranoia
Or they'll all destroy ya

When it finally gets to your heart
It'll blow all the chambers apart

So scream out mayday
Could someone save me?
Could someone show me the way
I can get back home?
But don't let go
(I'm falling faster, faster baby)
You're not alone
(I'll make it five more miles or maybe)
You'll make it through
(I'm falling faster, faster baby, don't look down)

Thicken your skin
Careful who you let it
'Cause their sticks and stones
Will still break your bones

Days into years
And your life disappears
There's no shame in dying
If you do it smiling

I hope you look good in black and blue
Because pretty soon it's gonna be all over you
You want to cry? Well that's alright with me
Just don't do it anywhere anyone can see

I know it's hard
And it's not gonna get any easier
Track Name: Morphine Sea
I feel no pain tonight
I see no reason why
It should end

And you and I drowning
Come tight and don't give in now
If nothing lasts forever
Then nothing, we'll be

Safe beneath the waves
Safe and sound
I never want to be found

We'll fall ever deeper down
Engines sighing, engines crying
Running us aground

We'll sleep, beneath a morphine sea
Dreaming what has never been
And what will never be
Track Name: Sirens
Bathed in black
Still it's stirring
Deep in cracks
Someone's curing life
By knife

Life support's failing
As they drag him in wailing
It's not fair
Who cares?

Outside it is murder
But they just dig in further
We all play two-bit parts in this crime

Hold on
This is gonna hurt
Don't cry out
Don't show them what you're worth
Please silence
These sirens
Before they silence me

Somewhere there's a deadly maniac
And someone's had a broken heart attack
He's paralyzed but still alive
He's screaming for someone to take him back
Track Name: Surrender
You float like a ghost
You're there but nobody knows

You turn to them all
And talk to a wall
Nothing's coming back

You turn to them all
And talk to a wall
Everybody acts like they just don't care

(Your skin and bones)
Don't pretend you
(Could never keep out the cold)
were made to see straight through
But who can you trust
When all of your nightmares come true?
(Every nightmare's true)

You can't shake a fear
A fear that you'll disappear

But where can you run
When there's no one who knows who you are?
You can go where you like
I can promise you won't get far

Don't pretend you were made to see straight through
But who can you trust
You're having a breakdown
You can trust me

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